Drop the self-tanner! Repeat: Drop the self-tanner! Achieving that radiant summer glow may be easier than you think. New research found that people who ate the most fruits and vegetables every day had a more golden skin color and—in even better news—people also rated the vege-bestowed glow as more attractive than a sunkissed one! The secret behind this super-natural glow? Carotenoids. Plants contain carotenoids (the chemical that gives, say, a pumpkin its orange color), and those same chemicals can give human skin a boost when ingested. So, you officially have every reason in the world to eat those fruits and veggies now! Try a glow-inducing dose of carrots, pumpkin or apricots, which all have high levels of carotenoids, or a big plate of leafy greens. Amazingly, even green vegetables hide the orange pigment beneath green chlorophyll—so don’t judge these veggies by their cover. They’re glow-getters just the same!

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