Now, we know that simply running around the block for five to 10 minutes will help you maintain your health. Heed this: If you run for only five minutes per day you can significantly reduce your risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to non-runners—that’s the main cause of heart attack and stroke. Five minutes! In the amount of time it takes to like photos on Instagram or flip through new releases on NetFlix (and then HBO GO, and then Amazon), you could be running around the block, or jogging in place, and basically prolonging your life. One of the main factors why we don’t workout is because we need to squeeze it into our already packed routines. Raise your hand if you’ve skipped the gym because you simply ran out of time for the 30 minutes to an hour you allotted for your workout. If you have a busy day, remember this – 5 minutes is all you need for a full-on longer life.

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