YouBRemember the animated 3-D viral video of The Dancing Baby from the late 90s (If not, let us refresh your memory)? As silly as this dancing baby was, it may be closer to reality than you think. According to a recent study conducted by the Institut Marqués in Barcelona, Spain, fetuses can hear as early as 16 weeks. Not only that, but they also respond to sounds.

They surveyed 106 healthy pregnancies, comparing the fetal responses to intravaginal music, abdominal music and intravaginal vibrations. Though fetuses didn’t respond to abdominal music, they did respond to intravaginal music by moving their mouth and tongues. This indicates that infants begin learning when they are still in the womb. This breakthrough could enable early detection with conditions such as deafness, as well as give women a sense of security in their baby’s well-being.
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