The female body is beautiful, but it’s also incredibly complicated. And when it comes to sex, it can be incredibly frustrating. Since many women suffer from sexual dysfunction, researchers wanted to determine if the cause was hormonal.

recently published in the journal of Fertility and Sterilityresearchers observed 30 pre- and postmenopausal women over the course of 8 months. The women self-administered either intranasal oxytocin (that “bonding hormone”) or a placebo roughly 50 minutes before intercourse. The women and their partners also kept a journal and filled out a questionnaires assessing changes they observed in their sex life over the duration of the experiment. They found that both the oxytocin doses and the placebo were equally as effective! This shows the importance of communication and understanding in a woman’s sex life. It also proves that the majority of female sexual dysfunction is caused by psychological and external factors more so than hormonal.