You think because you’ve made homemade kale chips a few times that you’re an expert, huh? Well, there’s more to this popular superfood than meets the eye — or the tastebuds. Sound smart the next time you talk about green juicing with these 15 things you might not know about kale.

  1. Kale is packed with over 900% your daily allotment of vitamin K, 659% of vitamin A, and (a comparitively-paltry-sounding) 14% of calcium.
  2. It’s got more vitamin C than an orange. Yes, for real.
  3. Cooking kale doesn’t diminish any of its nutritional benefits — score!
  4. Kale has become so enormously popular that farming of it grew 57% between 2007 and 2012 …
  5. … and yet still farmers fret that they won’t be able to supply the world’s consistent demand for kale.
  6. A British company crossbred Brussels sprouts and kale into a dainty green vegetable called “kalettes,” which resemble tiny cabbages but taste like nuts.
  7. Other names for “kalettes” include “BrusselKale,” “Flower Sprouts” and the utterly mystifying “Lollipops.”
  8. A publisher synthesized two zeitgeists at once with a cookbook of kale recipes called 50 Shades of Kale — I bet you didn’t think that you could eat kale for dessert or that it would be so sexy!
  9. Kale has made its way into skincare products and nail polish.
  10. Most of the kale in the U.S. in grown in California.
  11. Consuming too much kale and other cruciferous vegetables are linked to hyperthyroidism, which causes a rapid heartbeat, sweating, and other icky symptoms …
  12. … and kidney stones. (Ouch!)
  13. Whole Food tried to make “kalegating” (tailgating with kale) and “kale pong” (beer pong with kale) a thing.
  14. This year, Zagat guides declared kale “over” as a dining trend. (Bacon is also “over” apparently. Yeah, right.)
  15. Prior to Winter Storm Juno, AKA the Blizzard of 2015, news outlets on the East Coast were reporting a kale shortage at supermarkets as people stocked up for the big storm.
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