It’s almost summer, and that means cold drinks on hot days are on the horizon. If you’re searching for some inspiration for your cocktail Pinterest board (guilty!), we’re happy to help. One quintessential summer drink is the classic margarita — it’s refreshing, it’s not overly complicated, and it can be as strong or light as your day at work earlier will require. Yet, the nice thing about a margarita is how much room the drink leaves for customization with your own ideas.

Now is the time to perfect your margarita-making skills. If you’re searching for some margarita inspiration, we’ve gathered up five creative ideas for adding a fun twist to an already fun drink.

Sunset Margarita

For this twist on the classic margarita, you’ll get a bright new color and a punchy citrus taste. Not only is it the kind of drink that already impresses people by just being served, but the pomegranate juice also adds a unique and tasty flavor.

Tropical Pineapple Margarita 

If you want your margarita to have a hint of the Caribbean, adding pineapple is a fun (and super delicious) twist. This is a great drink recipe if you enjoy a little more flavor in your cocktails rather than the taste of alcohol itself.

Strawberry Margarita Punch

This twist on the classic margarita recipe takes a turn towards being extra delicious.

The strawberry in this recipe makes it a sweet treat and gives it a very summer-ready aesthetic — seriously, strawberries in anything just look like a cute picnic, alcohol or not!

Frozen Coconut Pineapple Margarita

Okay, yes, we’re adding yet another pineapple-infused margarita recipe to this list, but in our defense, this is a piña colada/ margarita hybrid, so pineapple is just part of the deal. Once you see this delicious coconut flavored recipe and how easy it is to make for a group, you’ll understand our pineapple enthusiasm.

Pink Lemonade Margarita 

We’re suckers for a drink with a solid aesthetic, and this pink lemonade margarita delivers on the looks and the taste. This is the perfect recipe if you’re looking for something fun and simple and also really sweet. It’s also just the perfect soft shade of pink that’s definitely Instagram-ready.

With summer on its way, these creative twists on the classic margarita will have you prepared for lots of fun nights and hot days. And yes, you have permission to start “practicing” these recipes right now!