There are a lot of tips and tricks that people claim to increase the chances of fertility. Everyone swears by their own tips, but a common one is eating the right foods. Many people claim that eating certain foods increase your chance of pregnancy and that your diet plays a significant role. It’s essential to eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods but if you’re looking for specific foods that increase fertility, try these out:

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a great source of nutrition all around, but they’re especially great for those looking to get pregnant. Sunflower seeds are high in Vitamin E, which has been shown to boost male fertility by improving sperm mobility and sperm counts. Getting pregnant is a two-person job, so it’s crucial to increase male fertility, too.


Best known for their aphrodisiac purposes, oysters have been found to help increase fertility. One serving size of oysters includes 43% of your daily iron, 408% of your daily vitamin B-12, and 188% of your daily zinc. These are critical reproductive vitamins and minerals.

Wild salmon

Salmon is super high in omega-3s, which is a healthy fat that helps build hormones. Eating wild salmon can increase fertility for both men and women. It also is an excellent source of nutrients during pregnancy for healthy fetal growth. Just eat it sparingly as salmon can be high in mercury.


A great plant-based protein source and a way to increase fertility! Lentils are high in iron, folate, and fiber. Getting enough fiber is essential when trying to conceive as it gets rid of excess hormones in the body. Lentils are also high in polyamide spermidine, which can help the sperm fertilize the egg.

Fresh grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice is high in polyamine putrescine, which has been found to improve both sperm and egg health. Grapefruit juice is also high in Vitamin C, which has been found to help regulate hormone balance.


Eating eggs when trying to conceive is a great way to increase fertility- just make sure you include the yolk! Eggs are high in B-Vitamins, which are an important nutrient for fertility. Eggs are also a good lean-protein source, which has been found to increase fertility in both men and women.