Snacking is everybody’s best friend and worst enemy. There’s sweet snacks, savory snacks, unhealthy snacks, healthy snacks. The list goes on. Walk into any grocery store, and the options for snacks are endless. And figuring what to eat as a snack can be stressful in itself. Which is exactly where snack subscription boxes come in.

Snack subscription boxes make snacking easy and eliminate the stresses of food shopping and choosing a snack. You can get a regular supply of snacks shipped right to your doorstep, with the perfect food for your tastebuds. If a snack subscription box is something you might be interested in, these are the best ones we recommend:

Candy Club

If you’re a candy snacker, Candy Club might be the perfect subscription box for you. With this subscription, you’ll get a box of candy shipped right to you once a month. The candy comes from small brands and with a broad array of options. Plus, it’s only $29.99 a month for perfectly curated candy.

Mouth Vegan Snack Box

The ideal snack box for those plant-based people out there, or even just those trying to incorporate more vegan options into their life. This plant-based snack subscription will satisfy both your savory and sweet tooth with its wide range of options, including everything from popcorn to hot fudge.

Kind Snack Club

We all know Kind bars, but did you know that you can subscribe to a Kind bar snack club?! The subscription starts at $29.99, and you can choose exactly what flavors you want to be included in your box, with options from classic flavors to whole fruit bars.

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo is known for having crazy, unique food, but if you want a taste of Tokyo without actually going, this snack box is for you. With snacks like strawberry mochi KitKats and a DIY snack box, you’ll get the chance to experience Japanese snacks without the traveling.


There are classic, vegan, gluten-free, and diet snack options with UrthBox, meaning there’s an assortment that works for you. Ranging from $7.99 to $44.99 per month, you can customize your box with superfoods, crackers, and other delicious snacks.

Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia isn’t just clothes… they have snacks, too. This snack subscription box is responsibly-sourced and full of treats perfect for those who love everything outdoors. Sticking with classic Patagonia beliefs, this snack box comes with options from dried fruit to wild salmon.