Fruit has always boasted the reputation as a a go-to snack choice for the health-conscious. So, it may come as a surprise that not all produce is created equal, specifically when it comes to weight loss.

Of course, a banana will always be a better snack option than a bag of Doritos, but some fruits and vegetables actually aid in weight loss much more than others, reveals a recent study reported by LiveScience. Researchers at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston studied over 130,000 American adults for over two decades. Every four years, researchers requested a record of foods that each participant ate daily for a week. Every two years, participants supplied researchers with their weight.

The study revealed some interesting findings.

The best fruits: Berries, apples and pears showed the biggest impact on weight loss—each serving added over four years was linked to about 1 pound of weight loss.

The best vegetables: Each serving added of cauliflower and soy-based products like tofu was linked with about 2 pounds of weight loss.

The worst vegetables: Starchy veggies, like corn, peas and potatoes were linked with weight gain—corn was the biggest offender, resulting in about 2 pounds of weight gained for every additional serving over four years.

A possible explanation is that the “best fruits” contain higher amounts of fiber than others, keeping people fuller for longer and preventing overeating. On the other hand, starchy foods can cause blood sugar spikes that make us hungry again sooner. Cue the unstoppable snacking.

In general though, those who upped their fruit and veggie intake over the four years lost weight. Participants actually lost about a half pound for each additional serving of fruit that they ate weekly. Whatever the exact reason, take this as a good excuse to stock up on juicy berries, apples and pears—your waistline will thank you for it!

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