Even if you’re a party of one or two, the key to lightening-fast meals is to pretend like you’re feeding an army. When you do have a couple hours to devote to cooking, cook double-sized recipes, save them in meal-sized portions and make the most of the freezer,” says Koenig.

  • Whether it’s brown rice, pasta, beans, caramelized onions or even a roast chicken, always cook double and freeze the second batch, recommends Koenig. “They’re the basic building blocks of a meal,” she says.
  • Store things flat. “I make chicken broth and fill up a gallon-sized Ziploc bag. Then I put it on a cutting board and stick it in the freezer, so it lies flat and you can stack it,” says Koenig.
  • Remember, meals need to be fully cooled before being added to storage bags or containers to help prevent the plastic from leaching.

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