Cleanse: The Butcher’s Daughter Cleanse & Trim Package – Level 02: Cut Choice Plan (note: Right now this cleanse is pick-up only, so if you live in the New York area, you’re in luck!)Length: 3 daysPrice: $55/dayReviewer: Laura Kenney, Editor in ChiefThe Butcher’s Daughter is a natural food café filled with impossibly good-looking people, nestled on the border of Manhattan’s Lower East Side and NoLIta neighborhoods. They serve delicious health-minded food with a vegetarian slant, and the fresh, rustic-chic décor makes you feel like you’re hunkered down on a glamorous farm, right off the gritty Bowery.I’ve never before done a cleanse; But I’ve been around my fair share of co-workers going through one, ducking and covering from their collective misery. So I went conservative with my choice of cleanses (Butcher’s Daughter offers three levels of cleanses, ranging from one to five days for each), choosing the “Level 02: Choice Cut” plan, which allowed me one elixir, four juices, one smoothie and one raw food salad, all made fresh for me that morning at The Butcher’s Daughter’s cute café in downtown Manhattan.The first day was rough. The Butcher’s Daughter team recommends preparing for the cleanse by cutting out caffeine and alcohol a few days before. I didn’t, and I now understand the wisdom there—on day one I was very shaky, probably due to the lack of caffeine. But days two and three were much easier (I may have cheated on the caffeine with a little green tea), and I felt light and energetic. I felt like I could keep going with the cleanse indefinitely (though it did feel VERY good to break it at a wine tasting!).I noticed some very positive effects on my body. My tummy felt flatter, and I lost a little of the puffiness I sometimes feel around my middle section. I felt and looked leaner. My skin tends to get little reddish breakouts at the end of the day. It’s not rosacea, but it’s my belief that these tiny breakouts are brought on by lifestyle factors like stress and diet. I did not experience them while I was cleansing.I would definitely do this cleanse again, and next time, I would go longer—five days, here I come!