Nuts aren’t always the go-to foods when one is trying to lose weight. This may be due to the misconception about them. After all, they’re typically high in calories and fat per serving, and they may not seem like a healthy choice for someone trying to cut down on some calories.

However, we’re exploring the weight-reducing abilities of the anti-oxidants rich food, AKA, nuts.

Their fat and calorie content

As mentioned, nuts are high in fat and calories. Their fat concentration increases their energy content and enables you to carry out activities for a much more extended period. As a result, they keep you from reaching for other calorie-laden foods.

Their filling ability

Because they’re so rich in fat, nuts tend to make you feel full. They reduce hunger and cravings. Their protein and unsaturated fat content also contribute to this feeling. Eating nuts will keep you less hungry throughout the day, will help you curb your cravings, and reduce your daily calorie intake.

The human body neglects some calories in nuts

Based on studies, because nuts are fiber-rich, a lot of them get passed through as roughage. Upon research, it was found that only about 5% of the total amount of pistachios consumed by a subject were converted to metabolized energy. Hence, not only is their digestion incomplete, they do reduce the pangs of hunger while offering a certain percentage in energy.

You eat slower

With nuts, there is a considerable amount of chewing involved per ounce. And the amount of time, energy, and consistency required to consume nuts reduce your appetite and willingness to consume other foods.

Based on the above points, it’s safe to conclude that nuts can help one lose weight. However, they should be paired with other healthy foods like grains, fruit, lean proteins, and vegetables.

Some of the weight loss inducing nuts include almonds, walnuts, pistachios, brazil nuts, cashews, etc. These nuts are great for the heart, they speed up the fat metabolism in the body, and they reveal a healthier and leaner you.