We all giggled when goopy Gwyneth took on the Food Stamp Challenge. She’ll spend all her money on limes, we worried. She’ll try to scoop up stone soup with her Oscar, we guessed. She won’t learn anything, we said. But she did learn something, apparently: life just isn’t that hard. She’s going to explain to us just how easy it is in her new cookbook It’s All Easy: Healthy Delicious Weeknight Meals In Under 30 Minutes, coming in April 2016.

The “essential cookbook” will feature recipes low in sugar, fat, and gluten. (If it has no sugar, fat, or gluten, it’s not essential in my eyes, but ok Gwyn.) She promises they can all be pulled together in “the time it would take to call for takeout.” Chicken enchiladas and grilled shrimp in the time it would take to load my Seamless app? I’ll believe it when I see it, but if it works, watch out Martha.

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