Cleanse: The Happy Cleanse by Joulebody and BlissLength: 3 daysCost: $279Reviewer: Julie Giusti, Social Media ManagerThis cleanse claims to energize and detoxify without making you feel deprived like other juice cleanses. Juices and pre-packaged meals were delivered cold and ready to go. No preparation was required on my part—all I had to do was consume the required juices, meal, or snacks every day at 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., in accordance with the schedule they provided for me.Each day started with a grapefruit mint juice (energizing and so wonderful), lunch was either a raw salad, lentil salad or butternut squash soup, the daily 3 p.m. meal was berry carrot juice, and 7 p.m. dinner was the most substantial meal of the day (example: The Spicy Mung Bean Burger Wrap and Carrot Ginger Sauce). Even though the dinners appeared to be super small, they turned out to be the perfect portion size. Joulebody included detox-approved snacks in the box (meal-replacement bars and “cookies” made with buckwheat and mesquite flour) that you could eat whenever you wanted.I followed the plan 98 percent as directed. The only time I fell out of step was when forgot to take my dinner out of the fridge before leaving work on day two. (I had carrots and hummus that night as a substitute.)The cleanse made me pee a lot. I lost a lot of water weight and gained a lot of energy. I felt like I had a second wind all day long, and I didn’t wake up feeling exhausted like I normally do. At the time I was cleansing, I had a very long commute that had me waking up at stupid early hours of the morning. I always felt hungover by default, even if I hadn’t had a sip of alcohol the night before. The most significant benefit I saw while I was on the cleanse was that I woke up feeling like a million dollars. Energized, not hungry, and just amazing.I’d recommend the cleanse to someone who has never cleansed before because it’s not a juice-only cleanse—it has solid food, so you don’t feel like you’re starving yourself. As a newbie, deprivation was my biggest concern because I knew I wouldn’t be strict with myself if I was hungry and cranky—it was just the most realistic approach for me. Probably not the best choice if you’re looking for a dramatic result like losing significant poundage. But a great intro to cleanses and a great way to energize and boost your mood after a sluggish winter.