If you’re a superfan of green tea like I am, (with so many benefits, who isn’t a superfan?), you might want to start looking into matcha, a finely-ground version of green tea. Matcha can be poured directly into hot water rather than steeping the leaves first. The benefits are endless and obviously similar to green tea, since they’re both jam-packed with antioxidants and boost metabolism.

So, what better way to rev up your happy hour cocktail than with a healthy addition like matcha? With a taste of this matcha cocktail, using a recipe courtesy of PANATEA, you’ll get the buzz and the benefits!

Matcha Cocktail Recipe

Serves 1


  • 1 scoop of PANATEA’s ceremonial grade matcha
  • 1 oz hot water
  • 5 small mint leaves
  • 2 oz sake
  • 1/2 oz yuzu juice (or citrus juice of choice)
  • 1 oz agave
  • 1 splash of champagne
  • 1 handful of ice cubes


Mix matcha and hot water together with a spoon to create a green concentrate. Muddle mint leaves by crushing them with a spoon. Add the green concentrate, muddled mint, sake, yuzu juice, agave and ice to a glass. Shake like a bartender! Poor liquid into a glass and then add ice cubes. Top with a splash of champagne and enjoy your matcha cocktail!

Recipe courtesy of PANATEA

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