Go to almost any mall in any town in America and you’re sure to find a salon pampering people with manicures, pedicures, paraffin treatments, acrylic and silk nail sets. We love our nails and we love them to look good.What the manicurist may not tell you though, is that the key to strong and beautiful nails is a healthy diet. Make sure these vitamins and minerals are part of your daily diet dining out to grow the confidence-inspiring nails you want. Here are the best recommendations from the Healthy Dining’s dietitians on HealthyDiningFinder.com. Be sure to check your personal diet in our Eat Pretty Quiz.MORE: Restaurant Suggestions to Eat for Beautiful Hair, Skin & LipsBiotin-Rich Restaurant MealsNail Benefit: Longer, stronger nails. This B vitamin’s essential for nail strength and growth.Meals to Order: Eggs, legumes and nuts.Dining Suggestions:

  • ‘Simple & Fit Spinach Omelette’ with spinach, mushrooms, tomato and Swiss cheese with fresh fruit. Served at IHOP (locations nationwide) 380 cals, 12 g. fat
  • Turkey Bacon ‘n Eggs at Millie’s Restaurant and Bakery in California 500 cals, 11 g. fat
  • ‘Tofu Bowl with Black Beans’ Seasoned rice, black beans, marinated tofu, grilled mushrooms and onions, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, cucumber and black olives. Served at Moe’s Southwest Grill (nationwide locations) 700 cals, 23 g. fat

Vitamin E-Rich Restaurant Meals

Nail Benefit: Nail growth. This vitamin helps make your nails longer and is a common ingredient in many nail products.
Meals to Order: Look for choices on the menu that include spinach, olive oil, almonds, various seeds or basil to get your recommended intake.

Dining Suggestions: ‘Capellini Pomodoro’ Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil tossed with capellini. Served at Olive Garden (locations nationwide) 480 cals, 11 g. fat (lunch portion)

  • ‘Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls’ Steamed shrimp, rice noodles, carrot sticks, sprouts, fresh mint, cilantro and bibb lettuce rolled in a soft, delicate rice paper wrap over Oriental slaw. Served chilled with Thai peanut and tamarind macadamia nut sauces for dipping. Served at Elephant Bar (locations nationwide) 380 cals, 10 g. fat

Iron-Rich Restaurant MealsNail Benefit: Stronger nails. Have your nails become brittle?  This is often a sign you’re not getting enough iron.Meals to Order: Increase your intake with options that include beef, chicken, tofu, beans or spinach.Dining Suggestions:

  • ‘Three Bean Chili’ with black, red and pinto beans, Southwest spices and cheddar cheese. Served at UFood Grill (locations in MA, TX and OH) 330 cals, 5 g. fat
  • ‘Spinach Salad’ with grilled chicken breast, fresh mushrooms, artichoke hearts, tomato, mozzarella cheese, avocado and croutons and a red pepper vinaigrette. Served at Stonefire Grill (Los Angeles areas) 440 cals, 18 g. fat (dressing not included: 1 Tbl = 60 cals, 7 g fat)
  • ‘6” Grand Escape’ with steak, onion, mushrooms, green bell peppers and provolone cheese. Served at Steak Escape (locations nationwide) 440 cals, 12 g. fat

Zinc-Rich Restaurant MealsNail Benefit: Longer nails. Another key mineral for nail growth.Meals to Order: Foods such as oysters, seafood and meat.Dining Suggestions:

  • ‘Oysters on a Half Shell’ at The Capital Grille (locations nationwide) 100 cals, 2 g. fat
  • ‘Broiled Seafood Platter’ Salmon, sea scallops and haddock served with a baked potato. Served at Weathervane Seafoods (in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire) 710 cals, 24 g. fat (potato toppings not incl)
  • ‘Baked Seafood Casserole’ with tender scallops, fresh haddock, and large Gulf shrimp topped with garlic crumbs, a touch of lemon, wine, and butter. Served with broccoli and a house salad with low-cal honey mustard dressing. Served at T-Bones (New Hampshire) 490 cals, 18 g. fat

While it doesn’t happen overnight, getting the recommended daily allowances of these vitamins and minerals in your healthy diet is a sure way to grow the beautiful nails you want—and save your acrylics money for a much needed massage instead.