Snacking when you’re stressed is like second nature. Are you up all night studying for an exam? There’s probably a bag of chips next to you. Are you crammed with a bunch of extra work? You’re possibly reaching for some sweets. Did your boyfriend break up with you? Grab that carton of ice cream.

We all snack, and we all snack, even more, when we’re stressed. Except, snacking when you’re stressed doesn’t have to be all chips and ice cream, and it certainly doesn’t have to be bad for you. The right snacks can help to decrease stress. Who knew?

So next time you’re feeling stressed, don’t reach for the bag of chips. Instead, try one of these:

Oranges are a perfect snack when you’re stressed because Vitamin C has been found to lower anxiety. Not just that, but Vitamin C is excellent for the immune system, which often gets compromised when we’re sick.

Yogurt is extremely high in probiotics, and probiotics can help inflammation on your gut as a result of stress. Choose yogurt for breakfast and watch your stress decrease!

Sweet Potatoes
When we’re stressed, our blood sugar levels tend to spike. Sweet potatoes can help this because complex carbs steady our blood sugar levels and also provide a boost of serotonin.

Dark Chocolate
Yes, you heard it right. Chocolate does help with stress. Well, dark chocolate that is. Dark chocolate can help increase your mood and decrease stress levels. Just make sure it’s at least 70% cacao!

The antioxidants found in blueberries can help to improve stress levels on your body and also can help fight free radicals that are caused by stress.

Cashews can help to combat stress because they contain 11% of the daily recommended amount of zinc, and zinc is often used to help with anxiety, a common cause of stress.