We’re facing a big issue with sugar since most of the products we consume have hidden amounts of sugar. It’s fine to indulge if we have a bit of a sweet tooth, but it’s essential to listen to your body and notice any changes related to your diet.

Overeating sugar ultimately leads to diabetes and insulin resistance. To protect yourself, here are six things to watch for if you think you’re consuming too much sugar.

Craving Sugar

Once you get used to eating a lot of sugar, your taste buds get somewhat addicted and demand more sugar. Plus, your body becomes dependent on the excessive sugar to stay energized. So, it requires more sugar, hence the sugar cravings.

Low Energy During the Day

Sugar is known for increasing your energy temporarily, but its adverse effects last all day. When you consume a lot of sugar, your insulin levels spike, making you feel very energized and active until the sugar in your bloodstream wears off. You end up feeling dull for the rest of the day (same effect as caffeine).


When we consume a lot of sugar, our body has many ways to defend itself, including making changes in our hormonal balance and causing our skin to break out.

Next time you have excessive skin breakouts and acne, consider altering your diet and consuming less sugar instead of using skin treatments.

You’re moody

Like we mentioned earlier, the low energy dip caused by coming off of sugar consumption can massively affect your mood. You will start experiencing mood swings, feelings of depression and increase your daily stress, leading to some very unfulfilling and unproductive days.

Gaining Weight

Excessive sugar consumption highly increases your calorie intake. And the truth is, sugar contains no nutritional value, so you’ll keep wanting more and more until you’re satisfied.

When you consume a lot of sugar, your body automatically shuts down its insulin production, increasing the sugar in your blood level and leading to weight gain.

Sweet Foods Taste Less Sweet

The more sugar we consume, the more we get used to the sweet taste. It becomes less and less overwhelming to us, meaning we consume significant amounts of sugar before we get the sweet taste.