Avocados are good on just about everything. From avocado toast, to a spread on sandwiches, to a topping on salads- avocados can do it all. Avocados are an essential part of the kitchen, but determining the perfect time to eat an avocado is a difficult task. Too early and it won’t taste right… but too late, and you’re eating brown mush. Yuck. Here are some tips on how to extend avocados shelf life so you can have avocado toast anytime, anywhere.

1Store them in the fridge

The coldness of the fridge prevents avocados from turning brown so quickly. You can even put a half of an avocado in the freezer to extend its lifespan that much longer.

2How to quickly ripen avocados

Just incase you need to have that avocado toast now, there’s a few tips and tricks to quickly ripen avocados. One hack is to put an avocado and banana in a brown paper bag and somehow it speeds up the ripening process. You can also try wrapping an avocado in foil and baking it at 200°F for 10 minutes.

3Storing half an avocado

A difficult task we’ve all endured. Try storing your cut avocado half in an air-tight container with a sliced red onion to stop it from turning brown so quickly. You can also try spreading olive oil on the cut half to stop an avocado from going brown.

4Substitute butter for avocado

Skip the butter and try adding avocado in cooking and baking. Don’t be afraid of adding avocado to baked goods, it tastes just as good as butter but is much healthier for you!

5Make face/hair masks

Don’t let anything go to waste and use your leftover avocados to create face and hair masks! Combine avocado, organic yogurt, and honey to make a hydrating- and fun- face mask.

6Make a guacamole

Avocados are the most important part of guacamole, and a perfect way to use an avocado that might be on the verge of turning brown. Combine it with some onion, tomato, and fresh lime juice and you’ll have yourself the perfect summertime dip.

There you have it! Here are a few short and simple tips on to keep your avocados ready and fresh all summer long.