There are three main kinds of sugar cravings. When you learn what’s causing yours, you can better moderate how to deal with them when you feel one coming on. You can take on even the worst sugar attack, and come out feeling stronger! Check them out…

A: Feed me now or I’ll hurt you.

If this sounds like you, it’s usually a sign of low blood sugar from an exhausted “stress handler” gland. In the first few minutes, eating sugar will help, but it will make things worse in the long run.

Sucking on a Tic Tac or two may be enough sugar to break the attack. Then, eat more protein and fewer sweets to keep your blood sugar stable. If you need a treat, try a small amount of dark chocolate (over 70 percent cocoa, no milk fats). The flavonoids can boost energy and immunity. Another good tactic to decrease cravings? Have multiple, small meals throughout the day, rather than three large ones.

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B: The happy Ho Ho hunter.
You generally feel fine but often find yourself going through the cabinets for a Twinkie. A holistic doc might say this reflects yeast overgrowth in your gut, a controversial area.

Treating this presumed excess of yeast with probiotics may help improve your pain and fatigue. This could also eliminate your spastic colon and chronic sinusitis. You can repopulate your gut with bacteroides coagulans from spores.Try out Sustenex or Digestive Advantage. New data shows that these may boost serotonin levels. (See next point…)

C: I’m having my period and I’m depressed.

Low serotonin levels (the “happiness hormone”) near your period can cause carb cravings.

Snacking a little on dark chocolate will provide a natural antidepressant (PEA) as well as the carbs you crave.

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