Summer is in full swing, which means we’re all looking for easy ways to slim down. If you’re like us, you’ve tried all the juice cleanses, extreme diets, and hardcore workout classes your body can muster, but there still seems to be that stubborn belly bulge that just won’t go down. If you’re trying to get bikini-ready but just can’t stomach any more kale juices and spin classes, it might be time to try a new type of cleanse: teatoxing.

A teatox is a form of detoxing that’s been blowing up in Hollywood recently. It’s a diet system in which one drinks tea infused with a variety of ingredients used to promote a healthy lifestyle, improve energy levels, reduce bloating using natural laxatives, and even clear up your skin. Celebs like Kendall Jenner have admitted to using a teatox as their tried and true way to debloat and maintain a slender figure during Fashion Week. “I usually start my day off with a cup of detox tea. I have like 12 cups a day,” she told E! Online.

But don’t worry: You don’t need to down 12 cups of tea to reap the same benefits of a teatox like Kendall (that’s a bit much if you ask us). One great teatox program, SkinnyMint, only recommends a simple twice a day program. SkinnyMint is made with all-natural ingredients that are carefully chosen to work complementary with each other for maximum effect. The two-step detox routine is just one Morning Boost tea bag to drink every morning before or during breakfast, and one Night Cleanse tea bag to drink every other night starting from day one of your program.

The Morning Boost tea tastes tropical and fruity, and was created to give you energy throughout the day. It contains ingredients that are traditionally known to control appetite, like yerba mate. Morning Boost utilizes ingredients such as green tea and grapefruit leaves for fat reduction, yerba mate to curb appetite, and nettle leaves as a natural diuretic.

In contrast to the Morning Boost, the Night Cleanse contains lemongrass as a relaxant, ginger and peppermint to debloat, and orange leaves to rid constipation. It’s formulated to cleanse the body rather than energize, using natural laxatives such as senna leaves and Psyllium husk. Senna leaves are used in traditional medicine against bloating and occasional constipation. It is not a diet or meal replacement, so there’s no need to alter your regular meals (can I get a hallelujah?).

SkinnyMint offers two programs, a 28-Day Ultimate teatox for the complete program, or a 14-Day Starter teatox to try out first — both are great to kickstart an improved lifestyle. You can teatox whenever you’d like; however, it’s recommended to take a 4-6 week break between each teatox.

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This article was sponsored by SkinnyMint.