There are plenty of vegan egg replacements that are great for baking. But when it comes to whipping up a plate of scrambled eggs, a tofu scramble is really the closest alternative. Which is why a Pennsylvania-based vegan egg shop The Vegg decided to develop a plant-based egg substitute that looks and tastes more like the real thing.

The Vegg has sold a plant-based egg yolk replacement since 2011, which successfully adds the egg flavor to certain recipes, One Green Planet reports. It has the same taste and texture as yolks from chickens, but is gluten-, cholesterol- and fat-free. The Vegg yolks can be mixed into recipes that require egg yolks or used as a dipping sauce, such as with French toast.

The Vegg’s new packaged combines this plant-based egg yolk with tofu. It’s meant to be eaten just like you would normal scrambled eggs (with vegan cheese, of course). According to The Vegg’s web site, it’s the world’s first commercially available plant-based scrambled egg product.

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Rocky Shepheard, founder of The Vegg, told One Green Planet that the innovation was made possible by donations from Compassion Over Killing, A Well-Fed World, VegFund, and about $15k of his own savings. ”I tried to secure investors, but had no luck,” he said.

Even if you’re not a committed vegan, the nutritional quality of the Vegg Scramble is pretty impressive. One Green Planet says it “boasts a nutritional profile that rivals eggs for both protein as well as vitamin B12 content. It’s also a fraction of the calories and zero fat, non GMO and sourced from mostly certified organic ingredients.”

The Vegg Scramble is available now for pre-order (although it seems to be currently sold out on the website). It officially launches April 22 — so make your vegan brunch plans now.

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