If you’ve ever thought about going vegan, January — now nicknamed “Veganuary” by some — could be the time to start.This month marks the second annual Veganuary, a month-long pledge started by founders and passionate vegans Matthew Glover and Jane Land. The duo thought that the best time to encourage people to give veganism a go might be January, the month of starting over and motivating ourselves to change our habits for the better.Their comprehansive site includes everything those who want to dabble in veganism need to get started: a product directory, an eating out guide, a recipe database, and information about what eating vegan can do for your health, animals and the environment. There’s also inspirational stories about vegans and user reviews of vegan products.  All the research about how eating vegan can save the environment, improve your health, and obviously spare the lives of cute little baby animals, does make a compelling argument for at least trying to give up meat, eggs and dairy and seeing how it goes.Think you might be ready to make the pledge? Sites like VegWeb.com and VeganCooking.com provide tons of vegetarian and vegan recipes, plus resources for vegans with tips on how to eat out and tips for beginners. This list of vegan resources on VeganBits.com even includes a site that can tell you if your favorite alcoholic drinks are vegan. Unless you’re participating in Dry January, then you’ll be giving up that booze, too.Are you pledging to go vegan this month? Let us know in the comments below!Related Articles:The 7 Best Vegan LipsticksVegan Mac & Cheese RecipeVegan Curried Pumpkin Soup Recipe