Fast-food chains and vegetarianism have never gone hand in hand. Fast food restaurants are known for their quick burgers, nuggets, and fries- most of which are made with animal products. Except in 2019, things are changing. Going out to eat with any food restriction has never been easy, but it seems like the fast-food industry is finally starting to realize that.

In just the past few months, various fast-food chains have become more vegetarian and vegan-friendly by releasing plant-based meat options to use in replace of regular meat. So, that means all those vegetarians out there can stop denying themselves of fast food whenever their friends go for a late-night burger run.

Here are some of the fast-food chains that have opened their arms to the plant-based world and have gone vegetarian-friendly:

Burger King
Burger King has had a veggie burger option for quite some time now. But just recently Burger King announced they started selling the Impossible Burger Whopper. That is an entirely plant-based patty in place of meat in the iconic Burger King Whopper.

Yes, it’s true. Everyone’s favorite sub shop is going plant-based. Starting in September, Subway will be offering Beyond Meat meatballs to use in replace of regular meatballs on their classic meatball sub. So, vegetarians can finally enjoy the beauty that is a Subway meatball sub.

White Castle
White Castle offers the Impossible Slider, which features the Beyond Burger that is made from plant-based foods and is entirely vegetarian-friendly.

Carls Jr.
Carls Jr. jumped on the vegetarian bandwagon and started selling Beyond Burger at various locations beginning in January. And to make it completely vegan, remove the cheese and you’ve got yourself a perfect vegan burger.

Dunkin Donuts
Breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts are one of those things that every vegetarian and vegan wishes they could eat. Except, now they can! Dunkin Donuts started offering Beyond Meat in breakfast sandwiches at specific Dunkin Donut locations in Manhattan. Hopefully, they will begin expanding because that sounds amazing!

Del Taco
Yes, so know you can get vegetarian-friendly tacos too. Del Taco started offering Beyond Meat crumbles to put in replace of beef in tacos or whichever of your favorite Del Taco item.