Cleanse: Cooler CleanseLength: 3 daysPrice: $58 per day, including deliveryReviewer: Genevieve Stack, InternThree days, 18 juices, seven pounds and one cheeseburger later, I am here to report that Cooler Cleanse means business. As a juicing newbie I chose the three-day cleanse and followed the directions to the letter… almost.The Cooler Cleanse told me to drink the six daily juices in order, about two hours apart and with plenty of water throughout the day. Each day began with an iron-packed green juice, Sweet Greens. Juices one, three, five and six replaced breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert respectively and were the main sources of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Juices two and four, which varied each day, helped keep me hydrated, activate my digestive system, increase my metabolism and stabilize my alkalinity. I finished each day with juice number six, Almond Milk, which contains the most calories and claims to provide daily protein and copper to stimulate detoxification.The cleanse promised to make me feel lighter and more energized, as long as I stuck to their guidelines. The rules were simple and made sense. Most of the juices were downright delicious. So, except for cutting the number three midday Essential Green with apple juice, I listened and followed the rules. (What can I say; those dandelion greens were not for me.)Juice and only juice, all day every day, is tough. The Cooler Cleanse people know this, so they are sure to explain what to do if you find yourself needing something to chew on or something sweeter. As long as you stick to the principle of the cleanse, for example using organic freshly made apple juice, then you won’t undo the detoxing work all those gulps have accomplished.Aside from a few hunger pains and slowly losing my appetite, the biggest effect this cleanse had was on my energy level. Of course with only 1,200 calories a day I was bound to move a little slower, but this did present a problem with my active lifestyle and 14-hour-long days. My reaction time was dulled, and I was exhausted by small efforts during my “on my feet” job at a gym.Granted, my life as a multitasking 23-year-old recent grad, is not traditional. I would still suggest keeping to a low activity and stable schedule with, as recommended, a full eight hours of sleep each night. At least for the three detox days.After the three days were over I felt great. I lost seven pounds, finished something I never thought I could do, and was allowed to eat again. Now here is the trick. I have eaten well my whole life. I generally avoid processed foods, I eat well-rounded meals, make sure I know every ingredient that I am putting in my body and try to avoid excess sugars, salts and dairy. There was not much to cleanse in my system to begin with. So, aside from the water weight lost, who is to say if I felt refreshed Friday morning because of the juice or because I was actually feeding myself for the first time in days.Either way, The Cooler Cleanse delivered on its promise. I felt lighter, more energetic and refreshed for days, even after my celebratory cheeseburger.