One of our favorite foods to eat in the summer is fruit. Fruit salads, fruit smoothies, or fruit by itself! In the summertime, fruit is good anywhere, anytime. What’s best about fruit in the summer is seasonal fruit. Eating fruit when it’s in season is important to ensure you’ll get the best tasting and highest quality fruit you can get. And it’s why fruits like berries tend to be more expensive and don’t taste nearly as good in the winter. If you’re a fellow fruit addict, we’ve compiled a list of what fruits you should definitely be eating in the summer.

Not only is water the best during the summer months, but its high water content will help keep you hydrated in the hot weather.

Oranges are extra juicy and refreshing in the summer, but also rich in potassium which you lose when you sweat! A perfect post-workout snack.

Not only do mangoes taste delicious, but they’re also high in vitamin A, C, and D!

You can find cantaloupe and honeydew in just about every fruit salad during the summer.

Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries- you name it. All berries are great to eat in the summer and are a great source of fiber to keep you healthy all summer long.

Pineapples are tangy and delicious and the perfect summertime snack. But did you know pineapples also help with anti-inflammation?

Technically, a fruit! Avocados are a staple in anyone’s household and taste good on top of toast, mixed into a smoothie, or baked into brownies. Avocados are also a fantastic source of healthy fats!

Head to your nearest grocery store and stock up on these seasonal summer fruits to keep your body and mind healthy this summer!