August is the most beautiful month for eating. Just about every beauty-benefiting fruit and vegetable is bursting from the produce section, and you’ve probably bought them—just to have them rot away in your fruit bowl while you scarf down Chinese takeout because that’s easy, and after a long day of [insert occupation here] you’re dead tired.It’s for that exact reason YouBeauty partnered with Plated to create the first ever beauty-boosting meal plan for busy women (and the people who love them). And you get 25 percent off your first order!It’s so easy. Visit Plated, browse the five delicious and nutritious meals created by our nutrition advisor, Kristin Kirkpatrick, to feature in-season, beauty-enhancing ingredients (from juicy peaches to mouthwatering watermelons). When you place an order, the fresh ingredients will be delivered to your doorstep, and you can prepare them yourself. Plated serves the Northeast, from Washington D.C. to Boston, the Midwest (all of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan and major cities such as St Louis and Cleveland) and the Bay Area. Check your zip code here.How easy is that? No shopping, no wondering what the heck to pair your persimmons with, and no getting home after a long day and staring at the tumbleweeds in your fridge—or slapping the fruit flies off your formerly fresh tomatoes. We’re also devoting the rest of August to Beauty Foods, with a Special Issue that takes all the guesswork out of consuming in-season produce and reaping the mad beauty benefits.Browse through this gallery to see the beauty benefits of each meal, and order them now on Plated.