Today’s Fashion Week Outfit of the Day is actually an outfit of yesterday, but when it’s an outfit we actually have a chance of recreating it’s hard to stay away. Constance Jablonski threw her hair up in an exaggerated half-bun that I’m sure took an hour, minimum, but can easily be achieved by wearing your hair in a half-bun and then working out until it loosens. She wore Michael Kors to the designer’s fragrance launch on Sunday night.

Look how good this dress looks when you stunt in it:

I can’t find this exact MK dress available online, but here’s the closest approximation I can get on a deadline. (And here, pals, is the cheaper version you should wear to your next engagement party, available from Express for $69.90.) Her shoes look like an opened-toed version of these $109.95 Steve Maddens I recognize from (sorry!) Kylie Jenner’s brand new website.

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