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Tofu-Hummus Sandwiches

Load up on protein and calcium with the chickpeas and tofu in these vegan pita pockets.

Skin-Saving Salmon and Salsa

This easy-to-prepare dinner dish packs an omega-3 punch for a more radiant complexion.

Sicilian Salad with Roasted Red Pepper and Kalamata Olive

This vegetarian lunch is bursting with Mediterranean flavors and heart-healthy fats.

Roasted Chicken with Pesto Gemelli

This satisfying meal makes a hearty one-dish dinner, complete with protein, fiber and complex carbs.

Raspberry-Orange Immunity Smoothie

Bolster your immune system with vitamin C and antioxidants in this healthy and simple snack or breakfast treat.

3 New & Delicious Ab-Friendy Burgers You Can Grill

If you don’t want to pack on any extra pounds, or risk ruining your six pack with a greasy, cheesy burger, then check out...

Instant Pot or Skillet: Both Win with Creamy Chicken Bacon Penne

When an Instant Pot pro turns her attention to the most-pinned pasta recipe on Pinterest, everybody’s a winner and the result is...

Creamy Goat Cheese Omelet with Chives and Corn

Enjoy a gourmet, bone-building breakfast with this calcium-filled eggstravanganza.

Anyone Can Make This Effortlessly Easy Pistachio-Crusted Salmon Recipe

Cooking-challenged? No problem. As long as you know how to turn on your oven, just about anyone can make this effortlessly impressive salmon dish....

Spicy Chicken Thai Soup to Fight Colds and Tempt Your Appetite

When the aching and fever of common colds and seasonal flu get you down, your appetite disappears as your headache grows. You need...