Have Yourself a Merry Little “Pretox”

Heading for a total eclipse of the diet this season? Here’s how to prevent the damage ahead of time so you can enjoy the holidays without feeling so damn guilty.

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Supplement your holiday egg nog abuse

Everyone knows overindulging in booze can make you look and feel like crap, and no wonder: it dehydrates and nixes precious nutrients. “If alcohol consumption is in the plan, I recommend the East West Essentials Optimal Stress Tabs, which are rich in the B vitamins that are depleted with alcohol consumption,” says Pomroy, who swears by the supplements (available here) for both herself and her all-star clients. “These are the key nutrients to regulating the bodies rate of metabolism and reducing cortisol.”

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Prepare for battle

When it comes to facing an army of scrumptious hors d'oeuvres, you need a strategy of military level precision. While bacon cheeseburger sliders may look appealing, there are better choices out there: “Shrimp cocktail and deviled eggs are great appetizers because they have a combo of metabolism-boosting fats and protein,” Pomroy says.

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She also points out that the ever popular hummus plate can be improved upon by skipping the pita and instead dipping veggies like broccoli, cauliflower or bell peppers: “They are high in fiber and enzymes that stimulate digestion for whatever you may eat next.” Hello mini tacos! And if you do go crazy? Gently atone for your transgressions: Pomroy keeps Optimal GI from East West Essentials in her purse, which are individual sachets of probiotics that help to “blast through and help me break down just about any meal.” So go ahead, throw some gravy on those buttery mashed potatoes come dinnertime. You can handle it.

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