Low Calorie Snacks

Get five filling, functional, healthy snacks that are low calorie too!

Low Calorie Snacks

A couple of weeks ago, Robin Roberts and company of “Good Morning America” invited me on the show to present a segment on low calorie snacks, called "Five Healthy Snacks Under 150 Calories."

Developing the low calorie recipes was good fun—I wanted to offer things that were anything but average, and I needed to find some creative and tasty ways to make these snacks count as "functional foods."

That is to say, I wanted them to have a real health purpose beyond just tiding us over until mealtime. 

I got to work in my kitchen, pulling things off the shelves and dabbling with all sorts of different combinations of the healthy ingredients I had on hand. When it comes to healthy eating, the point is not to send yourself into a tizzy trying to find exactly the right kind of Blackstrap Molasses or Virgin Coconut Oil.

The idea here is to use what you and I probably already have on hand and look for creative ways to put delicious spins on what otherwise would qualify as distinctly boring, healthy snack options. Trying new flavor combinations, adding fun spices or simply paring down on some of the more fattening ingredients are all great ways to ensure that healthy eating stays exciting and easy!

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After lots of brainstorming and product testing on my husband and various other helpless bystanders (not to mention a few samples for myself), the five final recipes are unique, easy and above all, delicious! From the Herbal Popcorn, the Spicy Fruit Pops or the Broiled Dates, to the Pizza Pita Chips or the Banana Whip, there is something here for everyone. Just ask the GMA family, who all stopped by during the segment for taste tests.

The following recipes are easy enough for kitchen beginners, and promise to win you fans of all ages in the snacking department! You’ll also find a brief summary of why each of these snacks are worth their weight in nutritional gold. Basically, we’re making our snacking earn triple mileage for filling us up, tasting wonderfully and packing a powerful health punch. Enjoy!

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