Forego The Fruit, Slim Your Stomach

Eliminating fruit containing high levels of fructose will help you shed stubborn belly fat.

On a hot summer day, very few things are as refreshing as sinking your teeth into the soft skin of a sweet, juicy peach or sipping on a fruit smoothie. But although fruit is healthy and provides tons of health and beauty benefits, it’s also the number one source of fructose, which doesn’t get broken down by our liver the same way other sugars do and ends up stored as fat. By cutting out all fruits and foods containing fructose or high fructose corn syrup for three weeks, you should start shedding the extra pounds. Have an aching sweet tooth? Nibble on low glycemic fruits, like berries.

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  • Kenzie Spehar

    Not completely true. Real, whole fruit has sugar, yes, but a) it is unrefined, and b) the fiber in the fruit helps the sugar be digested at a slower rate, so it goes to energy rather than fat. On the other hand, fruit juices and smoothies lack this element. The sugar is absorbed all at once, causing the body to freak out and start producing insulin. So much insulin not only turns the sugar straight to fat but makes you feel sluggish and tired too. Real fruit is very good for you.

    YouBeauty, please be more careful to publish accurate and complete information.