The beautiful ladies of Mexico are in on a primping secret that women in the US are still catching on to — it’s all about starting with nature. According to YouBeauty’s own digital designer Itzy Ramirez, who hails from the nation, “Mexican beauty is all about natural ingredients. We make the best use of our natural resources around us. We love makeup but we stick to all-natural skincare.” Luckily for us, Itzy shared a few more secrets on how to get gorgeous the Mexican way. Try a few of these products using popular Mexican ingredients to start glowing!

1Honey & Clay

Mexican Beauty
Aztec Secret/iStock
“Since we were young, we’ve used DIY masks made from clay or honey bases.” (Try a DIY honey mask here!) //Aztec Secret Healing Pore Cleansing Clay, $7.50


Mexican Beauty

Prickly pear contains soothing and moisturizing properties as well as antioxidants, and was even used by the Aztecs to keep skin healthy. //MyChelle Hydrating Cactus Mask, $33

3Avocado & Olive Oil

Mexican Beauty
“We use avocado and olive oil on our hair,” Itzy says, as both ingredients have nourishing and shine-inducing ingredients. If you’d like to go the DIY route, try whipping up this avocado hair mask//Giovanni Avocado & Olive Oil Shampoo, $8.99


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Natural Green Brand
Tepezcohuite, or mimosa tenuiflora, is bark from a tree that grows in Mexico and Brazil. It’s used both to treat burns and to keep healthy skin looking young. //Tepezcohuite Cream, $21.98

5Mamey Seed Oil

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M Natural
“Mamey is a fruit grown in southern Mexico that is known for its beautifying properties,” says Itzy. “Mamey mascara is made out of the oil of the seed of the fruit. It’s perfect if you are looking to strengthen your eyelashes naturally. I found out about it when my beautiful friend told me that it’s all she uses on her eyes.” //IM Mascara with Mamey Seed Oil, $9.90


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Mangrove extract, from Mangrove trees, is known to reduce fine lines and give skin a healthy glow. //Nuanca Salma Hayek, AM/PM Daily Cream Cleanser, $7.99


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Believe it or not, tequila works wonders to cleanse and exfoliate! Make yourself a sweet DIY tequila-based scrub here. Your skin will thank you!