Here Are The Luxury Products You Could Afford With Equal Pay

On Women's Equality Day, let's take a look at exactly how much we're losing out on thanks to the wage gap.

It’s Women’s Equality Day, our annual reminder that society undervalues women’s work. You’ve probably heard that women get paid 78 cents for every dollar paid to men – and the gap is even higher for women of color. According to the National Partnership for Women & Families, a woman in the US with a full-time, year round job loses $10,876 each year due to her gender. That got us thinking – how would we spend that $10,876? Of course, for many families, most of it would go towards groceries and clothing, rent and health insurance. If you’re lucky enough to have your basic needs met, that money means you can buy local produce or can skip big-box fashion in favor of an investment piece. We went on a little shopping spree to see where exactly those $10,876 could take us. We deserve it.

1Really Good Skincare

La Mer

You know about La Mer. The Rock uses La Mer. Rich people sometimes know exactly what they’re talking about, and damn does their skin glow.
Cost: $310 for 2 oz

2The Latest Luxe Beauty


Celebrity makeup artists constantly tout Armani’s Maestro Foundation, and this year the brand launched an anti-aging tinted formula that they guarantee will “improve skin radiance.” Armani, we trust you.
Cost: $200 for 50 ml

3Regular Haircuts

Often, it seems we save money by skimping on self-care. Especially when you live in a major city, a haircut can seem like a luxury that’s just out of reach. Whether your hair is long or short, you’re supposed to be getting it trimmed at least every 6-8 weeks. The average cost of a women’s haircut in New York City is $71 to $73. For healthy hair, that means you should be getting it cut about seven times a year. *Laughs until I fall over, and I work in beauty*
Cost: $497, before tip

4Beyoncé’s Vegan Delivery Service

22 Days Nutrition

Earlier this year, Beyoncé partnered with her trainer Marco Borges to create a vegan meal delivery service that’s organic, gluten-free, and soy-free. A complete Challenge Kit comes with 22 days worth of meals, long enough to break you of your meat-eating habits according to Borges. If you were a man, you could live like Beyoncé – oh the irony.
Cost: $629.76

5A Freaking Marathon

6Every Product That Kim Kardashian Uses

7Designer Lipstick

Tom Ford

A solid lip color can change your mood, and whipping a designer one out of your bag at a strategic time certainly isn’t gonna hurt your self-worth.
Cost: $52

8Mood Lipstick

Make Up For Ever

A signature lipstick is its own brand of happiness, but you may feel like coral on Monday morning and black on Thursday night. With some extra bucks, we could splurge on those extra fun statement shades that we won’t wear everyday, like Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense in Pearly Violet or Bite’s Opal Crème. They may not fit with every outfit, but when they’re right, they’re so right.
Cost: $150 allotment

910 Classes at SoulCycle


10Regular Cleaning Service

If I had the cashflow, the first thing my lazy self would do is book a regular cleaning service. Your surroundings set the tone for your daily life, and you just can’t take a bubble bath in a grimy tub. In NYC, this will run you about $90 a service/every two weeks.
Cost: $1890 before tip

11Loubs 😉

Christian Louboutin

As one of my colleagues said, “I just want to buy these brand new instead of scoping out consignment shops for cheap ones.” Picture yourself, you know, asking for a raise while wearing these.

Cost: $675

12Private Helicopter Service


14That Transcendental Meditation Course

If I had a nickel for every celebrity who’s claimed they “owe it all to meditation,” I’d probably be able to afford the TM intro course. The TM folks are either very kind or very wily with their “convenient” payment plans. Either way, the dang thing is incredibly expensive, but it did change Katy Perry’s life.
Cost: $960

15Your Own Private, Personal HBONow Subscription


Won’t it feel good to stop using your ex’s brother’s password? You’re your own woman and you can watch Charlie’s Angels without anyone knowing about it.
Cost: $179.88/full year

16A Life-Enhancing Treatment

Everyone from Derek Hough to Lindsay Lohan has been touting the benefits of age-defying benefits of cryotherapy, a treatment where you spend three minutes submerged in a chamber with air cooled by liquid nitrogen. It’s been said to increase energy, help relieve muscle soreness, and reduce cellulite. Let’s give it a shot!
Cost: $240 for a package of 3

17The Entire Essie Fall Line


Wouldn’t it be fun if new nail polish wasn’t a splurge? Essie’s bold new fall colors, from espresso to bronze, would match perfectly with a wad of cash.
Cost: $51

18A Lifetime Supply of Wipes


Stop dragging that beat-up box of wipes with your everywhere and keep a spare set at the gym, at the office, and in your car.
Cost: $6.99 each – $111.84 for 15

There you have it folks: $10,876 of conspicuous consumption with a side of equality. A girl can dream – until then, we have lipstick.

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