how to tip a waxer
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How to Tip at the Wax Center:

Hibba Kapil, the founder of Hibba NYC, also reiterated that a tip should reflect a client’s happiness with the serve. “In general anywhere between 10-30% is good,” she said. However, Kapil continued that at a place on the higher side of pricing, a tip of 10% works since most likely the girls are making higher wages. For lower end places, tip closer to 30%.
Hibba’s main advice was to always start with a tip that you can stay consistent with. Hibba explained, “For example, if the first time you over tipped them out of excitement of finding them, the next time they’ll be expecting the same. A lower tip to them might mean (in their mind) that you didn’t like their work.”
As a final step to show your gratitude, Kapil explained “small gestures like cards or extra gratuity are an added plus for these ladies who have rather tedious job of customer service, standing on their feet all day and acting as a therapist at times.” Something to keep in mind!