As someone who can never quite manage to master a perfectly clean shave — I always manage to find a nick here, an ingrown there — I was excited to test out Kiss My Face 4 in 1 Moisture Shave. Not only are their products affordable, but every label, bottle and box is made with organic, sustainable ingredients that are gentle to both consumers and the planet.  4 in 1 Moisture Shave is paraben-free and was not tested on animals. Nature lovers, rejoice! We’ve found your new go-to for shaving.

Product: Kiss My Face 4-in-1 Moisture Shave

Price: $5

We Think: 

How it Looks, How it Feels: Initially, I was a bit uncertain given the consistency of this shaving cream because I’m used to shaving gel that immediately expands and foams upon contact with air. Kiss My Face’s recyclable container was a pump and the shaving cream’s lather was much less frothy than I expected.

How to Use It: You use this shaving cream just like any other—pump a quarter-sized amount into your hand and apply to legs (armpits, nether regions, etc.), shave desired area with razor until smooth. Then rinse off excess shaving cream, pat dry, and follow up with a moisturizer.

Results: I’m impressed! My legs were markedly smoother and softer than when I’ve used other shave brands, and the scent was light and pleasant. The “4-in-1” aspect of the product name refers to its functionality — this shaving cream is meant to soften with vitamin E; smooth with their crème formula; soothe with golden seal, lemongrass and aloe; and moisturize with olive and coconut oils. I would definitely attest to all four of these. Given the reasonable price and comfortable shave (no nicks!), I will definitely add this to my grocery list.

Disclaimer: I received Kiss My Face 4-in-1 Moisture Shave as a sample.