In case she hadn’t already showed up every other newly minted 18-year-old on the block with her fancy new car, off-the-wall birthday party, and a freakin’ Birkin bag, Kylie Jenner also chose this weekend to debut her foray into life as a blonde. It’s unclear whether she’s rocking a wig or true peroxide-dyed locks, but time will tell! When you’re rich and famous, it’s pretty easy to try on new ‘dos as often as you would new outfits, because hey, there’s plenty of time and money to spend on it! New extensions, top-of-the-line wigs, and a glam squad who can correct any damage or bad dye jobs are available at the drop of the hat. It’s hard out here for a hair-loving 99-percenter, isn’t it? At least Kylie wears that unfairness pretty damn well! I’d still say her natural hair (or even that sky blue look) is more her color, but blonde will do for a night or two.

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Kylie Jenner
Splash News/Instagram

What do you think? Which hair color does she wear best?

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