Care for some ink with your orgasm … NARS Orgasm blush, that is? The iconic beauty brand has just debuted a limited edition set of temporary tattoos along with their spring makeup. For $35, you get four sheets of Tahitian-inspired tattoos depicting dots, diamonds, teardrops, flowers, and other patterns that will look fabulous on bare skin (assuming this winter finally ends and I can stop wearing seven layers of sweaters 24/7).

Unlike the hugely popular Flash Tattoos, where NARS clearly got their inspiration from, the beauty brand’s tats only come in black-and-white. Flash Tattoos, on the other hand, come in a range of colors like gold, silver, copper and turquoise. I’d be much more likely to buy the temporary tattoos from NARS (designs posted above and below) if they came in more colors. (The makeup brand TEMPTU also released a set of black-and-white temporary tattoos, priced at a cool $95.)

nars temporary tattoos part 2

Will you be rocking temporary tattoos this spring and summer? Let us know in the comments!

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