It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Lammily, the “Normal Barbie doll” whose body is based on the measurements of the average 19-year-old woman. She’s a real doll available for purchase by parents who want their kids playing with toys with more realistic body proportions. How great is that?!

Lammily’s creators have been busy sending Lammily to Miami Beach in a new video called #DoYou, where Lam is psyched to hit the sands … but just a little nervous about her bikini body. The very cute video shows Lammily facing the svelte shapes of regular-sized Barbie dolls everywhere she looks, from half-naked American Apparel-style ads to a Victoria’s Secret-style fashion show. No wonder she heads to the beach and plops down in the sand fully dressed.

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Then Lammily notices something: the other dolls frolicking on the beach have cellulite. Maybe everyone else is not as “perfect” as she thinks they are. But the #DoYou video ends on the most positive and constructive note that any little girl could see: instead of bashing the other women (er, dolls) for their slimmer bodies and sending the message that skinny = fake or skiinny = threatneing, Lammily goes and hangs out with them. Everyone has fun together! There’s no body shaming of any kind here. It’s not about confidence 100% of the time; it’s about acceptance and letting insecurities make things worse. 

I love everything you’re doing, Lammily. Keep up the good work!

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