Waking up with puffy, tired-looking eyes screams “I had a little too much fun last night.” Take the telltale swelling down a notch with this natural remedy that’s as easy as slicing a grape in half. Seriously.

“The fructose in grapes will moisturize and enliven the skin, while the coolness will reduce any puffiness and soothe the eye area,” says Thomas, founder of skincare company Caudalie. “Grapes are ideal for the health of your skin—inside and out—because they’re rich in trace elements like potassium, calcium and vitamins C and E.”


Organic red grape (with seeds), chilled and cut in half

Slice open one chilled organic grape. Apply a half under each eye, by rubbing the grape around the eye area, starting underneath and then up around the outer eye to the top of the eyelid.  Do about four passes around the eye and end with the grape sitting on the under-eye area for about 30 seconds more.