The “beauty closet” are YouBeauty is actually several sets of bookcases, packed with every beauty, hair and skincare product you can imagine. A glittery grey-ish nail polish from the brand SpaRitual had caught my eye, so I brought it home to test out. The brand seemed cool — the polishes are vegan and “five-free” and the CEO promotes the idea of “Slow Beauty,” as in, slowing down to take time for self-care. Sounds cool, right?Well, it turns out, the product was a big disappointment. I should have just kept admiring that polish inside the bottle.Product: SpaRitual Nail LacquerPrice: Between $5 – $15We Think:


How It Looks, How It Feels:  My polish looked gorgeous in the bottle — and completely different outside the bottle and on my nails.  In the bottle, my polish appeared to be grey with glittery flecks; on my nails, the grey looked brown.Results: I could tell immediately after opening the bottle that the brush was very thin and seemed to be made of some kind of non-bendable materia. Unlike other brands where you can easily spread polish with the bristles, the SpaRituals brush was both rigid and thin. I felt like I was working extra hard to spread the polish. Contrary to the brand’s message of slowing down to enjoy the process of painting your nails, I got really annoyed.As for the polish itself? I painted my nails to see how it looked — not at all as cute as I had been imagining — and then took it off immediately. I’ve sinced thrown the bottle away because I won’t wear it again.I received SpaRitual nail lacquers as a sample and I would not purchase them myself.