We all know what it feels like to be hungover. And as terrible as it is, it’s inevitable that it’ll happen from time to time.

Luckily, the soothing powers of yoga can actually help you find your chi after a night of drinking. Yoga guru Tara Stiles, who has partnered with W Hotels to give hotel guests easy access to easy, in-room-approved yoga moves, shares with us a few of her favorites to do after a night out partying.

“It’s really great to be active the morning after you’ve indulged too much — it really helps to get the blood flowing and get the toxins out of your body,” says Stiles. “You may feel like staying in bed and calling it quits for the day, but if you get up and do a few minutes of yoga with these moves, you are going to feel great fast, I promise.”

It’s worth a try, right? So next time you’re feeling (regretting?) the previous night’s activities, get up, chug some water, sip on a Bloody Mary, and roll out your yoga mat.

1Shoulder Opener

“This move will open up the tension in your neck and back and cure any tension in your mind (which is right on par for what you need for a hangover),” says Stiles.

Stand up straight and spread your arms wide to open your chest. As you exhale, fold up and over your legs. Let your head and neck go and sway a little side to side. When you’re ready, relax out of this one, and slowly round all the way up to standing. “That will get the blood flowing in your mind, help you feel energized and a lot less hung-over.”

2Simple Twist

Start in a seated position and slide your left foot under your right leg to the outside of your right hip. Lay the outside of the left leg on the floor as you swing the right leg over the left so it’s outside your left hip. Inhale as you lift your left arm over your head; exhale as you cross it over your right thigh. Bring your right hand behind you using your fingertips for support. Twist to the right side, looking over your right shoulder and take some deep breaths as you move deeper into the twist. Repeat the same on the other side.


“You don’t have to do a full headstand, but it’s great to get some pressure on your head to really get the blood flowing and get you feeling really good, really fast,” notes Stiles.

Start kneeling down, hands loosely interlaced. Bring the top of your head to your hands, tuck your toes under your body and lift your hips up. Hold for a few breaths. If you feel comfortable enough, bring one foot in first to an almost standing position (with your head still in your hands on the floor) and then bring the other foot. If you feel comfortable to go even further, pick both legs up and extend in the air to a full headstand position. When you are ready, ease out of this one and come back slowly to a full standing position.

Stiles notes: “If a headstand doesn’t feel comfortable for you on a day-to-day basis, it is not a good thing to try when you are hung-over.” Seems like pretty important advice if you want to really avoid a post-drinking disaster.