There are seven simple yoga poses you can do to stretch out those hard to reach areas in your feet and ankles. No props required!

Stretching your muscles is crucial when it comes to improving range of motion and to prevent injury, so make sure you do these exercises regularly.

Downward facing dog

This is the ultimate stretch for your back and core. Including the hamstrings, calves, and achilles tendon in the legs. For an even deeper stretch to the feet, include some gentle heel raises as you push yourself off the ground. You can place a rolled-up blanket or yoga mat under the heels for support.

Runners stretch

Runners stretch starts with a low lunge with your back toes tucked under. Place your left knee on the mat and shift your hips back towards your heel. Flex your right foot and hinge the upper body over the front knee. Placing your hands on the blocks will also provide extra support and allow for a deeper hip stretch.

Heros pose

Start off with a kneeling position. Take a deep breath and press the tops of your feet onto the mat as you bring yourself down between your legs. Your knees should always be pointing forward for a better alignment. If you can’t reach the floor without straining your knees, place a yoga mat or blanket between your legs to raise the height. You can also add an extra rolled-up blanket under your ankles for some relief if you’re experiencing any pain on your feet.

Bound angle pose

Start with your feet placed together and gently roll your back on the floor or a rolled blanket. Next, you’ll put a tennis ball between your feet to gently roll back and forth to help give a deep stretch to your fascia.

Tree pose (on a block)

By standing on a block in tree pose, you will help destabilize your foot and help strengthen both the primary and assister muscles. Standing on the block will also allow you to evenly distribute your weight on all four corners of the standing foot. Make sure you don’t grip your toes around the block or let the standing hip to sink down. A foam block is better to help feel proper weight distribution.

Mountain pose

The mountain pose helps you feel grounded, helping you activate your feet in different ways in this pose allows you to test your balance and improve your awareness.

Start by coming into Mountain pose and lifting your toes, noticing how this move affects your balance. Spread your toes as wide as possible on the mat.

Thunderbolt pose 

Adding a foot stretch to your thunderbolt pose is a great way to relieve achy feet and stretch the foot muscles. Start by sitting on your heels, and gently curl your toes, allow the sole of your feet to stretch. You can also bring the hands to the top of the thighs or your hands in front of the knees.