You might’ve heard of Equinox ultra sleek experiences, bespoke fitness programs, and luxurious spa treatments after grueling workouts at the exclusive gym. It all comes at a pretty penny, and Equinox is taking advantage of catering to the elite by offering new travel experiences for the adventurous and fit globetrotter.

The luxury fitness gym is now in the business of travel. The first batch of workout-ready travelers climbed the highest peak in Morocco in April. Obviously, with travel adventures come exclusive Equinox hotels. The fitness experience fully embraces the Equinox motto “It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life.”

“Equinox single-handedly invented the concept of fitness-as-lifestyle nearly 30 years ago, and now we are expanding our purview to include active, covetable experiences that empower our discerning members to connect with the world—and themselves,” said Harvey Spevak, Executive Chairman, Managing Partner, Equinox.

The travel experiences are made for those who want to shake up their fitness routine and put their fitness level to the test in real-life situations. According to the brand, all experiences will be customized for the group’s fitness level, with people receiving customized fitness plans leading up to their journeys.

No doubt, the experience comes with its own hefty price tag, but if you’re up for a new challenge and have the cash to spare this may be the experience you’re looking for.