New workouts pop up every day, and wouldn’t it be nice to try before you buy? In our Last Night’s Workout series we sweat, stretch and shimmy our way through the latest exercise crazes and report back to you so you can find the best one for your skill level and fitness goals.

There’s a reason Frank and Claire Underwood always find time to work out their stress on the row machine: It’s an amazing full-body workout that’s low-impact and easy to do. Hop on a rower and you’ll feel it in your legs, arms, back, and core. Oh, and it’s a great cardio exercise too. Talk about getting it all for the price of one!

At CityRow, I finally experienced the magic of rowing and what it can do for your body. The studio’s website says each stroke on a row machine works 84 percent of your muscles, and after taking the class, I totally believe it. I felt it in every muscle. Rowing was unlike any workout I have ever tried before, so if you’re looking to switch up your routine and make fitness a little more interesting, it’s definitely worth it.

The Workout: CityRow in New York City offers group fitness classes all based on rowing. The studio is full of WaterRowers, row machines filled with water to create the perfect amount of resistance. During the 50-minute class, you’ll alternate between rowing and intense weight-assisted mat work. One 200 meter push on the machine, immediately followed by planks, rows and push-ups, then back to the machine. The class is also set up with intervals of high-intensity bursts followed by recovery exercises, to keep your heart rate moving and really boost calorie-burn and endurance.

The Goal: Burn calories and tone all over. Rowing is known for its ability to give you a killer back and arms, and combined with the free weights and mat work, you’ll really walk out of there feeling a bit more cut. The instructors really stress form, so that you’re executing the moves safely and getting all the benefits without any injuries. It’s also a great cross-training workout for runners who are looking for another way to increase endurance without putting extra stress on their joints.

The Price: An individual class is $32, but per-class prices drop a bit when you buy them in packages, and there’s a new client special of 3 classes for $90. Head to the CityRow website for more specific pricing information and to book class.