All types of fashion are for everyone, no matter their size or shape, and no type of clothing illuminates that fact more than crop tops. Women of every shape and walk of life step out looking fabulous in them, and baring as much or little midriff as they’re comfy with. That’s where we come in — with a guide to rocking the crop on every figure! (In this guide, categorizing our shapes into body types isn’t meant to be restrictive, just to serve as a loose guideline to help get started shopping!) Click through for a few tips and tricks…

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Kim Kardashian crop tops
Kim Kardashian (via Splash News)

(Defined Waist with Hips and Chest of About the Same Width)

Bare a sliver of skin at the narrowest point of your waist, pairing the top with a high-waisted pencil skirt, midi skirt or pants to really accentuate your core. Show off cleavage to create a greater proportion of skin, or if you’d like to keep your chest in check, tuck into a high-collared top for a sleek look.

Calvin Klein Knitted Crop, $1,125; River Island Wrap Front Crop, $20; Topshop V-Neck Ponte Crop, $18

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Mindy Kaling crop tops
Mindy Kaling (via Splash News)

(Wider Hips with Narrower Shoulders and Waist)

Draw attention to your awesome waist and shoulders with a wide neckline or shoulder-baring top. If you’re feeling extra playful, go all out with a wildcard piece (like the galaxy shirt pictured) and balance it out with solid, neutral bottoms.

Topshop Bardot Crop, $10; Pink Queen Galaxy Crop, $17; Olive + Oak Summer Tweed Crop, $44


Jessica Biel crop tops
Jessica Biel (via Splash News)

(Narrow Hips with Wider Shoulders and Waist, Rockin’ Legs)

Look for a sleek, structured top that draws attention to your waist, with wide necklines and clean lines all over the look. Pair with an A-line skirt for the ultimate wow factor.

Dorothy Perkins V-Neck Crop, $29; Topshop Split Front Crop, $35; Olive + Oak Ikat Crop, $58


Taylor Swift crop tops
Taylor Swift (via Splash News)

(Shoulders, Waist and Hips All About the Same Width)

Rock a structured or bustier-style crop, and don’t be afraid to try out wild patterns — your frame won’t get lost in them! Bare major midriff if you want, and pair it with a full skirt.

Alice McCall Celestine Print Crop, $69.75; Saloni Off Shoulder Crop, $151.25; Modcloth Bustier Crop, $54.99


Cameron Diaz crop tops
Cameron Diaz (via Splash News)

(Toned and Muscular Appearance)

Show off your toned frame with feminine frills, looser looks that drape just so over your fabulous abs, or an ultra-short crop if you’re so inclined, because why not? Pair with skinny jeans or a full skirt.

Alexander Wang Mesh-Jersey Crop, $165; J. Crew Cotton Oxford Crop, $29.99; Elizabeth & James Analine Striped Crop, $177 


Sarah Hyland crop tops
Sarah Hyland (via Splash News)

(5’4″ or Shorter)

Go for tops that have a curve across the midriff rather than straight lines. If you’re going for a look that’s flowey at the waist, consider a top that’s well-fitted at the chest and shoulders to define your shape under all that fabric. Choose a straight-down, solid-colored bottom or a short, flared skirt and heels to even out proportions.

ALC Stretch-Crepe Crop, $142; Olive + Oak Boxy Tank, $40; Topshop Cut-Out Crop, $68