Whether you actually wear yoga pants to work out, or just throw them on to run your errands (we all do it), the question of what underwear to wear underneath always sparks an internal struggle. Regular undies are most comfortable — but totally ruin how great your butt looks in spandex. Thongs look the best — but then you’re working out with a thong wedged up your butt. Sigh, you can never win.Well, now, lingerie company Dear Kate says you can. The brand has officially created the first ever pair of yoga pants meant to be worn commando. Using the patent-pending technology they use in their high-tech underwear (it’s wicking, stain resistant and leak resistant), they created yoga pants that women can confidently wear sans underthings.


Founder and CEO Julie Sygiel — the chemical engineer behind the brand’s original underwear fabric — explained to Business Insider that Dear Kate reached its $15K goal to produce the pants within just an hour of launching the campaign on Kickstarter. In the end, supporters pledged over $158k to help realize the commando dream. So yeah, women want this.The thought of working out commando in spandex yoga pants sounds neither comfortable nor hygienic, but ones lined with this smart underwear fabric might actually be the answer. Maybe women really can have it all — comfort, dryness and a great butt to show for it.