Towering models, fierce faces and couture outfits are what usually come to mind when you think of a runway fashion show, but it turns out that the fashion brand Play Out envisions something entirely different. The gender-inclusive underwear company decided to challenge what society views as “normal” in terms of beauty and gender, and the results were stunning.

Two cancer survivors, Emily Jensen and Melanie Testa, strutted down the catwalk topless, showing off their chests proudly after both having a double-mastectomy.  According to The Huffington Post, the display was part of Rainbow Fashion Week, a segment of NYC Pride which highlights LGBT designers.


play out fashion show
Image courtesy of Abby Sugar via

In an interview with Mashable, Play Out co-founder Abby Sugar stated that she wants to raise awareness for “flattoppers,” or women who have gotten a mastectomy and decided to remain flat chested.

“We wanted to help these women not only show that you can be yourself, no matter your gender presentation or after a cancer diagnosis, but get the word out about FlatTopper Pride [the organization that Emily started], a space for LGBT people dealing with breast cancer and breast removal to find support,” said Sugar.

This isn’t the first time Play Out has given this sensitive topic a voice. Earlier this year, they produced a powerful photoshoot campaign using topless breast cancer survivors as their fashion models. It was a huge step in bringing forth awareness and feelings of empowerment for double-mastectomy survivors, and the runway show was no different.

Kudos to Play Out for supporting such a wonderful cause. For more information, plus genderless underwear and forthcoming plus-size options, visit their website.

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