It’s no secret that working out gives you a boost of energy. Working out early in the morning might be a pain at first, but once you get your blood pumping, it’s more effective than drinking a cup of coffee with 4 espresso shots. Working out is a great way to wake you up and get you started for the day. However, there are certain workouts you can do to get the most energy from out of your workout.

Keeping your heart rate high is key for the getting the most out of your workout. In order to keep your heart rate at a consistently high pace, you should do consistent cardio-based workouts with little stopping. Doing a workout that causes consistent strain on your body, and is therefore exhausting, will be the most effective in waking you up and giving you that boost of energy. Working out releases endorphins and endorphins combined with blood flood are key for energy.

However, it’s important you don’t work out for too long as that could cause too much strain on your body. Make sure you don’t work out for more than an hour straight so you don’t injure your body. You also have to make sure you’re taking the proper rest days, stretching, and eating healthy to maximize the results from the workout.

If you’re ever short on time and can’t make it to the gym, here is a great quick 5-minute energy-boosting workout you can do from the comfort of your own home: