Jumping jacks are a classic workout that brings us back to gym class. While we used to think that jumping jacks were just a pesky activity gym teachers used to pass the time, research shows how the movement can be used to aid in weight loss. If done right, jumping jacks can help you lose fat all over, especially in the abdominal area. Although jumping jacks prove most effective when combined with other workouts, they should not be disregarded.

It’s important to know you can’t just spot-reduce fat from parts of your body. The most effective way to workout with jumping jacks is to incorporate them into high-intensity interval training workouts- or HIIT, for short. If losing abdominal fat is something you’re trying to achieve, integrating jumping jacks into HIIT workouts might be the solution for you.

If you can average one jumping jack per second, you can do 1,800 jumping jacks in 30 minutes. Doing jumping jacks for 30 minutes might sound easy in theory, but in reality, not only could it get boring- there can be a risk of injury affiliated with it. Instead of doing 30 minutes of jumping jacks straight, do them in 10-minute intervals and mixed in with other cardio-based workouts. Try combining jumping jacks with mountain climbers or burpees to maximize the effects.

While creating a solid fitness regimen is essential, it’s equally important to eat a balanced diet and maintain a good night’s sleep. Fuel your body with lots of vegetables, fruit, protein, and healthy fats to keep your awake and energized through the day and tired through the night.

When it comes down to it, the classic exercise movement of jumping jacks is beneficial in losing weight, but only when it’s combined with other movements in a HIIT-style workout. Make sure you eat healthily, sleep well, and exercise regularly, and you’ll reach that goal body sooner than you think.